Friday, June 9, 2017


Islam is a complex organization of memes. Memes are beliefs and like beliefs, memes can be good or bad. An organization of memes is a very strong belief system. Good or bad, a strong belief system kills rationality. Memes overpower the victim and victim is unable to think. Victim behaves and acts according to the directions of memes. Good or bad, memes ultimately harm society because it is frozen in time and space. A person under influence of memes cannot think on his own, cannot adjust with situation, cannot apply logic and cannot be prevented from dangerous acts. Islamic belief system makes Muslims incapable to accept scientific truths like “theory of evolution”, social truths like, “freedom of speech” and “equality of genders” and so on.
Memes acquire further notoriety as these are transmittable like virus. Memes behave exactly like a physical virus in propagating. Affected person infects others. Others, once infected, start infecting more people. It stops only when all are infected or when all healthy persons are aware of the risk and immunized. All or none. Memes also propagate similarly. Affected person infect new person. Newly infected person then start infecting more people. Worse, memes also propagate through hereditary line. Father transfers memes to sons and so on and so forth. Virus can be contained and eventually eliminated by not allowing it to propagate. Memes also can be contained but these won’t die out when propagation stops because of vertical propagation of father to son continues. For elimination, all infected persons have to be cured.
Islamic memedom is a dangerous belief system. It is against civilization, against scientific knowledge, against free thinking and against democracy. But Islam is also the fastest growing religion. Future of humanity, therefore, rests on the fact that whether civilization will be able to contain and eliminate Islam. Containment is surely possible. All non-believers must be immunized to prevent spread of Islamic beliefs to them. Also Muslims must be quarantined to their own countries. Having done both we can take respite as immediate danger of collapse of civilization is prevented. But how to destruct Islam? There is no force on earth that can destroy Islam, followed by quarter of mankind. Only Islam can.
Islam will self-destruct; a prophecy made by Mohammed in which he said that Islam will eventually be rejected by the world and would return back to where it came from. Mohammed did not lie. It is possible. Islamic memes are little different from normal memes. These memes need propagation to control its thirst of blood. If it cannot propagate outside, it will turn inside. Islamic memes will be inferred differently by different groups and each will try to assert its version among believers using available unused energy. EachSome group will become more vicious. Then there will be competition between different sets of memes.  Different Islamic memes will fight for supremacy among themselves, resulting in mayhem. Slowly violence will engulf Muslims societies and slowly memes will lose their grip on people and in the end die out. If Islam is contained, its internal energy will cause an implosion. Different sects of Islam will fight out among themselves to establish correctness of their path and destroy each other. But if they find non-believers among them then they will unite and destroy non-believers. So Islam can be destructed if Muslims can be confined to 100% Islamic states.

The Messenger of Allah (Mohammed) observed: Verily Islam started as something strange and it would again revert (to its old position) of being strange just as it started, and it would recede between the two mosques just as the serpent crawls back into its hole.”
(In this hadith, Mohammed foretold that the end of Islam would be strange just like its beginning and that it would shrink back to the limited area where it came from –between the two mosques of Mecca and Medina.)
Mohammed’s predictions of Islam crawling back like a snake to where it came from were repeated extensively in several other hadiths:
“There will be much killing during the last days of the Muslim.” 
“Muslims will diminish in number and they will go back to where they started [before Islam]”                                                                                             
The history of Islam tells us that Islam needs blood to thrive. Human blood is the life-line of Islam, violence is its hallmark, and hatred its foundation. In the beginning, Islam lived on the blood of infidels. Today also Islam is propagating through violence against non-believers. There are 49 Muslim majority countries in the world. Most of them have nearly 100% Muslim population. Islam cannot spread further in 100% Muslim countries. So Islam starts cannibalizing itself. Muslims start killing other Muslims for being less Muslim. As a car needs gasoline to run, so does Islam need human blood just to run its own course, set by Mohammed, its Prophet.
Since its inception, Islam has been at war with civilization. “Civilization” is considered a threat to Arabia’s identity and culture and with Islam it was the outside world that had to change and adapt to Arabia’s language, culture, religion. Islam destroyed Zoroastrian civilization. It is today survived by a few adherents in India. One small group fled Persia on the wake of Islamic storm in their land and received shelter in multi religious, multi ethnic and multi linguist society that of India. 5000 year old civilization of Persia had totally vanished but for this miniscule representation. Similarly Egyptians were defeated, destroyed and finally annihilated. Today it is only Arabs who inhabit most part of  Egypt. The story repeated again and again. The Bebers, the Turks, the Mongols, the Pathans, the Pushtuns and numerous other people were looted, raped, abducted, enslaved and killed. Conversion was a blessing. Conversion always came with a price. Forget your past and live anew. Forget your language, custom and culture and adopt Arabia’s. Islamic memeplex is so strong that the converted immediately forgot past and started behaving like one from Arabia. New Muslims were more ruthless. He was always at fore-front of violence meted out to his old co-religionists or infidels for looting and raping. It is said that a new Muslim is more dangerous than born ones. Islam spread like wild fire initially. In its path lay shattered great civilizations. Initially Arabs did not convert local people. They just used them. They took the women as sex slaves and the men as service provider or slaves and killed them when they were not required. That is why core Muslim land is fully Arabized, both culturally and genetically. There is no Egyptians in Egypt, no Parsi in Iraq. Afterwards, Islam spread slowly though steadily. Now new Muslims continued to use their language, customs and culture. That is why Bengali Muslims speak Bengali and Indonesian Muslims speak Bhasha. But Islam looks down to the use of any language other than Arabic, any custom other than Arabic any practices other than Quranic. Today a Bengali Muslim feels himself inferior because of his language. He tries to use more and more Urdu words which he feels closure to Arabic. A Malayalam Muslim considers Urdu his mother tongue though he and his fore-fathers cannot and could not speak Urdu. But Urdu is also an Indian language. So an Urdu speaking Muslim claims Arabic is his mother tongue. Endeavour of each Muslim is to become an Arab of 6th century and bring back the days of Prophet and Caliphate which subsisted on loot, enslavement and killing.
Like a Ponzi scheme, Islam must expand to survive. In that sense, Islam works only when more and more area comes under Islamic rule and more and more people join its pyramid. As long as the violence in Islam can be targeted against infidel, Islam remains strong and satisfied. New Muslim believers can empower the pyramid. Another place, another state, another people is absorbed in Islamic state. It goes on and on. It goes on till there is no place to bring under Islamic rule. There are no new people to conquer. Ponzi scheme stops. What happens then? But the Ponzi scheme is currently still operating as Islam is still expanding. It is expanding in Muslim majority countries where still there are minorities to be persecuted and Muslim minority countries where Muslims can live without restriction or conditions. This expansion has given Islam a lease of life. It is growing in India, in China, in Russia and in Western countries like in Europe, America, and Australia. Growing Muslims have become law and order problem in all these countries. Soon Islam is going to take over these countries one after another and then non-believers would have no place to go. Tragically, civilization has extended a life-line to a dying, evil ideology, one that has already predicted its own death.
What happens when a Muslim country becomes 100% Muslim? Then different fractions try to impose their concept on others. Imposition of Islamic ideas is called jihad. Jihadists yearn for achieving their imaginary perfect Caliphate. For this they wage war with state and try to usurp power of the state. They kill the opposition as Caliphate did fifteen hundred years back. But enemy is also Muslim of another sect or another group. In Iraq, Shias are murdering Sunnis and destroying their mosques. In Syria, Sunnis are killing the Shias and burning their mosques. Then the Shias are avenging this by destroying Sunni mosques. In Pakistan, both the Sunnis and the Shias are occupying Ahamedi mosques and setting them on fire. This musical chair of mosque-burning and killing is proceeding unabated, each group claiming they are the true Muslims. Each group is adamant they are absolutely following the Quran and Sunna (Mohammed’s deeds and examples), the two principal sources of Islam.
Interestingly, this fratricide is unstoppable, as the Islamic Ummah is far from monolithic. No one knows the precise divisions among the Ummah. But Mohammed had predicted that the Muslims will be divided into seventy-two sects, each one trying to kill all others, and together killing the infidels. Islam is very much like communism. It starts off extinguishing the “class enemy” and then when there are no more external “enemies” to slaughter, the killing machine turns on itself. Maoists will kill Leninist then Leninist will kill Stalinist and then Stalinist will kill Marxists. It goes on. The killing machine devours its own children and then ultimately engages in killing itself. Fratricidal war in Islam exists in its very concept. Islam and Islamic intolerance go together.
The earliest example of Islamic cannibalism, after all, is found in the Quran itself -- in verses. These verses refer to the gutting of a rival mosque on the instruction of Mohammed, when he was returning after his expedition to Tabuk, a resourceful town in the Syrian-Byzantine territory. This Islamic incursion story goes like this:
Proceeding further from Tabuk on his way to Medina, Mohammed halted at DhuAwan at Quba (about 4 kms. from Medina), an hour’s journey from Medina. There, an opposition Muslim group had built a mosque. Previously, while Mohammed was making preparations for the march to Tabuk, this group of Muslims approached him and said, “O Messenger of God, we have built a mosque for the sick and needy and for rainy and cold nights, and we would like you to visit us and pray for us.” Busy with his preparations for Tabuk expedition, Mohammed excused himself from visiting this newly-built mosque, but assured the dissident group that he would call on their mosque while returning to Medina (from Tabuk). On his return journey from Tabuk Mohammed halted at DhuAwan. Mohammed accused builders of Mosque at DhuAwan of being unjust. Without any warning, he sent a band of jihadists to burn and to destroy the freshly constructed mosque. He said to his band of followers, “Go to this mosque whose owners are unjust people and destroy and burn it.” His band of raging arsonists stealthily entered the bustling mosque and set fire to it when it was filled with people assembled for the evening prayer. The worshippers dispersed in utter terror. Allah promptly sent down verse, justifying the destruction of opposition mosques. To further validate his gutting of this mosque, Mohammed concocted the story that he suspected that the builders of the ‘Mosque of Dissent’ were planning to assassinate him.
These verses of the Quran, when taken in true Islamic spirit, can only mean one thing: the call for the devastation of un-Islamic mosques. The most important question is: which mosques are genuinely Islamic and which mosques are not so Islamic? Since there is no central authority in Islam to decide on this, it becomes a moot-point. It is, therefore, a free-market in Islam when it comes to destruction and bloodshed. The consequences are obvious and inevitable: Sunnis are free to destroy Shia mosques; the Shias are permitted to destroy Sunni mosques; both these groups are free to destroy Ahmedi or Kurdish mosques, and so on. Within each group there are sub-groups and sects and sub-sects. They are all entitled to commit such atrocities on other groups, sub-groups, sects or sub-sects. This is exactly what is going on in almost all Islamic Paradises.
Seed was sown by the prophet. Ever since, the practice of killing Muslims by Muslims is accepted. Only he has to be declared as apostate. During the time of rightly guided caliphs this cannibalism took a serious turn, sparing not even the two last caliphs, ‘Uthman and Ali. Both of them were murdered by savage Islamic fanatics. Among these cases perhaps the murder of ‘Uthman stands out to be the most aghast. Here is how it was carried out, as described by Tabari (The History of al Tabari, volume XV, p219-20):
Mohammed b. Abi Bakr, accompanied by Kinanah b. Bishr b. ‘Attab, Sudan b. Humran and ‘Amr b. al-Hamiq, reached ‘Uthman by climbing over the wall from the house of ‘Amr b. Hazm. They found Uthman, with his wife Nailah, reading the Surah of the Cow from the Quran. Mohammed b. Abi Bakr came up to them and seized ‘Uthman’s beard. “May God disgrace you, you hyena,” he said. ‘Uthman replied, “I am no hyena. I am God’s servant and the Commander of the Faithful.” Mohammed said, “Neither Muawiyah nor anyone else has been of any use to you.” Uthman said, “Son of my brother, let go my beard. Your father would not have gripped like this.” Mohammed replied, “Had my father seen you doing these things, he would have denounced you for them and I mean to do worse to you than grab your beard.” Uthman said, “I seek God’s help and support against you.” Then Mohammed pierced his forehead with a broad iron-tipped arrow that he was holding. Kinanah b. Bishr raised some arrows of the same kind that he was holding  and plunged them into the base of Uthman’s ear down to his throat. Then he fell on him with his sword until he killed him.
Kinanah b. Bishr struck his forehead with an iron bar. He pitched forward, face down, and Sudan b. Humran al-Muradi beat him after he had fallen and killed him.…As to ‘Amr, he jumped on ‘Uthman and sat on his chest—he was still barely alive—and stabbed him nine times. ‘Amr said, “I stabbed him three times for God’s sake and six times because of the anger in my breast against him.” The people who killed Uthman were impeccable Muslims—the most ardent jihadists, belonging to the stock of Mohammed the Hashim clan of the Quraysh.
This Islamic cannibalism did not end there. The cycle continued until Aisha (Prophet Mohammed’s child wife), along with two of her brothers-in-law, Talha and Zubayr set out to avenge ‘Uthman’s murder. When she reached al-Basrah, a rebel stronghold, she killed (by beheading) six hundred of the suspected rebels who had ‘supported killing of ‘Uthman.
Next, Ali, was sucked into the vortex of this vicious cycle, set out to punish Aisha’s gang. The result: ten thousand Muslims, including Talhah and Zubayr lay perished in al-Basrah, equal in proportion from both sides. Aisha’s life was spared by Ali, but her camel was hamstrung.
Muawiyah b. AbiSufyan, the governor of Syria and a close relative of caliph Uthman demanded from Ali the handing over of the killers of Uthman. When Ali refused to comply with this request, Muawayiah b. AbiSufyan, and his right-hand man, ‘Amr b. al-‘As (the deposed governor of Egypt), became open enemies of Ali. They gathered forces and set off to attack Ali. Ali met this force at Siffin. Fearful of defeat at the hands of Ali’s fierce and well-trained army, Muwayiah and ‘Amr devised quite an innovative trick. Their soldiers attached copies of the Quran at the tip of their lances and raised them high in air. Ali’s soldiers went in stupor and were hesitant to charge their enemy, lest they trample the Holy Quran. Both sides remained standstill—the battle became a stalemate. In the end, both parties agreed to stop fighting and decided on a speedy negotiated settlement by appointing an arbiter from each side. Having mutually reached this agreement, both sides separated and returned.
But not everyone on Ali’s side was happy with his prompt decision. A faction of Islamist extremists thought judgment belonged to Allah and Ali’s decision to appoint arbiters for a peaceful settlement is contrary to Islamic principles. This dissident group of Ali was known as the Kharijites. They insisted that Ali resume fighting. But Ali could not renege on his treaty of a peaceful settlement. The Kharijites declared Ali to be a sinner and asked him to repent. Initial attempt by Ali for reconciliation with the Kharijites met with feeble success. So, ultimately, Ali had to fight a major battle at the canal of Nahrawan, east of river Tigris in Iraq. This battle ended with a merciless mass slaughter of the Kharijites. But this war did not completely eradicate the Kharijite problem. Many Kharijites survived this genocide, went into hiding, and some of them returned to Kufa (Ali’s headquarter in Iraq) stealthily. A few of them went to Egypt. Now Kharijites are ready to wage war on other Sects of Islam.
The secret of Islam is out. Nobody needs to destroy Islam. Islam can destroy itself. All that is needed is to let it run its own course. It is bound to self-destruct. Only Islam must be confined, confined to Islamic states. Let all Bengali Muslims go to Bangladesh. Let Urdu speaking Muslims go to Pakistan. Let Kashmir be separated and handed over to Pakistan with 10 crore Indian Muslims. The un-Islamic world just needs to protect itself with strict security measures, never letting Muslims to immigrate to their countries, never allowing Sharia to be practiced in non- Muslim land, never granting citizenship rights to people who do not believe in democracy or national boundaries and never allowing Muslims in non-Muslim countries to breed like rats. Once the infidels learn the secret life of Islam, it is simply a matter to watch how Islam implodes. Once the Islamic oil runs dry, once the world secures a reliable source of energy to replace oil, once the infidels stand together, and once the infidels become iron-resolute to contain Islam in their lands, Islam will die a natural death.


Thursday, June 8, 2017


I have always wondered why men, forced into Islam, remain faithful to Islam rest of their life. I thought sensible persons would revert to their original faith once the compulsion is removed. It rarely happens.  Rather some of the ruthless propagator of Islamic faith were actually themselves persecuted and converted. Kala-pahar was an example. A Brahmin was converted by trick and refused re-conversion by his ilk. Subsequently he earned the name of Kala-Pahar for the ferocity of his actions to destruct his blood relatives and their religious places. Some of the wives of Mohammed were widows of slain non-Muslims.  In fact they were raped over the bodies of their fathers and husbands. None of them really tried to assassinate or harm Mohammed while they did have plenty of opportunities. History is full of such incidences. Rather there are very few instances in the history of Islam where persecuted but converted men and women took up arms against persecutor. True, Islam prescribes vicious punishment for apostate. True, Hindus do not take back converted folks in their midst. But these alone cannot be the reasons for inability of converted people to rescind the alien faith. In fact, converted people seem to be happy to be Muslims and more enthusiastic in persecuting and converting others than born Muslims. It appears Islam is a virus which when takes over; normal human being turns into a possessed person and follows Islamic dictates.

But a similar thing happens in India quite frequently. In recent times several God-men (Babas) had been arrested in India on varying charges of molestation of women to murder. These babas have large followings. Many came down to streets to defend these babas. These followers were even ready to sacrifice their lives. Police and administration was hesitant to arrest these Godmen for fear of reprisal. Apparently these followers have become mentally dependent. They would do anything for the asking by their babas. Why people lose their ability to thinking? Why people go against their Government and even nation in support of a deceiver? It is because Godmen could create some such ideas and infuse them in the minds of their naive followers that they become hypnotised.  The followers then can be exploited. It is seen that influenced disciples are happily parting with their physical possessions. Sometime people donate all their possessions and join the baba as servant. They sacrifice their wealth, self-respect and even life. In the process their family and children suffer. Even respectable ladies allow themselves to be sexually exploited by the God-men. They all do these thinking they are serving God. Why people do these?

Why so many Muslim men are dedicated to terrorism? Or why so many Muslims are willing to blow themselves up to kill non-believers? Or why Muslims are so committed to blowing up random people in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, London and Madrid? Why educated Muslims leave life of comfort and go to Syria to join barbaric ISIS? Why, why and why? Surprisingly these people are not criminals. They are deeply religious people. They are God fearing people. But then why God fearing orthodox Muslims are spreading hatred all over the world, attacking non-believers (Non-Muslim) and their own fellow Muslims (Not proper Muslim) alike? Why?

Because of memes. A meme is an idea which can be copied from one mind to another. The custom of shaking hands, for example, is a meme. A national anthem is a meme. “Rajput do not attack fleeing enemy” was a meme. Even the word "meme" is a meme, which has just made a copy of itself in reader’s mind. Some memes are better at making copies of themselves than other memes. Memes compete with each other. Some memes fail in propagation and the idea is forgotten. Later day, Rajput discarded the idea of not following fleeing enemy. Some memes grow to affect more people. Some memes evolve and become even better for propagation. One of the way for memes to improve propagation capacity is to join together with other memes in a mutually-supporting group. A combination of memes (memedom) is often able to get itself into more minds than single meme.

A religion is a memedom — collection of memes. Most important meme is, therefore, "This is a holy book." And the holy book itself is, of course, a collection of memes.

Let's look at how religious memedomes evolve and compete. To begin with, let's assume we already have a religion established. It already has a holy book and millions of people already have a copy of the memedom in their minds.
And then comes a variation.
The original memedom had a "live and let live" attitude, and never tried to encourage its followers to get converts. But then someone comes up with the idea that if you can persuade a non-believer to become a believer, you earn some sort of spiritual success. You are saving souls and your chances of getting into heaven improve. Original meme propagated only vertically i.e. from father to son or by heredity. The new variant is transmitted both vertically and horizontally (by persuading new people).
Okay, now you have two variations on the same memedom: One says "live and let live." The other motivates people to spread the memedom to new people. After a thousand years, which of the two variations will have more people’s mind? Naturally the variant one. Let's assume the variant memedom is more successful. Does that mean it makes people happier? Or more successful in life? Or have healthier children? No. Just because a memedom is successful doesn't mean it benefits any of the people holding the memedom.

Success of a meme doesn't necessarily mean it's good for the person holding that meme. If a memedom says it is wrong to use contraception and wrong to masturbate, that memedom would get itself copied into more minds than an identical memedom without these two added memes. So the hapless believer, trying to follow the rules and be a good person by avoiding the evils of contraception and masturbation, would have more children than he might want or could afford, causing him to work overtime to support them — working two jobs if he must. It sends him to an early grave, but puts more copies of that memedom into the minds of future generations than someone without those two memes. So the memedom has used the man for its own purposes, or at least that's one legitimate way to look at it.

The three elements that make for a successful meme are ability to propagate both vertically and horizontally, loyalty of the victim and longevity in term of ability to reproduce identical copies. In other words, if a meme makes lots of copies of itself, influences the mind of the victim totally and makes accurate copies in perpetuity, it is a successful meme. All else being equal, the meme that makes more copies, or copies accurately, or lasts longer in the mind, will always out-compete a meme that does any of these less effectively.

Now Islam is all that. Islam is a brilliant memedom. Nobody with all the input of science and technology can develop a better memedom today than what was conceived and implemented by Mohammed in 7th century. One attempt was made in the twentieth century which is known as “Socialism” but it failed totally in one century. What is then speciality of Islam as memedom?

1)      Quran is not written by any man. It is directly God’s instruction, as told to Mohammed, the prophet. Naturally it is forbidden to change even a single word of Quran. This is the most important meme of Islam. Once this meme is entrenched in mind then a believer will do everything that he is asked to do by Quran.

2)      A standardized version of the memedom is written down, which makes for perfect replication. This is something basic to several religions and isn't an Islamic invention, but it is an important factor in the success of Islam. Something only transmitted orally can change over time, but something written will be identical a thousand years from now, and with modern printing presses, can be reproduced in the millions, giving it enormous loyalty and commitment.

3)      The third meme is the instruction in Quran that directly tells its followers that they can never change or modify or "modernize" any of the teachings of Quran. It is a capital sin to try to do so. The meme ensures its own preservation this way.
These first three memes are pretty standard for several successful religions. Even Gita has all these three memes. But similarity ends here.

4)      The Quran includes instructions for its own spread. It tells believers they must spread Islam. It is their holy duty to bring Mohammad's warnings and Islamic law to every corner of the world. A devout Muslim must try to spread Islam. Mohammed warns believers that if anybody shows reluctance than another believer will take his place and he will be left wayside and will be punished by God.

5)      God permits spread of Islam by force. This is a brilliant innovation in Islam. In fact, Mohammed tried to preach Islam in Mecca by persuasion. At the end of nine years he could convert only 150 faithful. Once he was driven out of Mecca, he took up arms and spread Islam with sword. In next ten years of his life he could convert entire population of then Arabia which was in millions. That is why Quran repeatedly asks believers to catch and slit the throat of non-believers if they fail to repent and convert. Although some other religions have spread themselves using force but they did not have any justification from their own religious doctrines.

6)       Islam commands its followers to create a government that supports it. This may be the most brilliant innovation in Islam. Islam is the only religion that uses it. Other groups of religious people have had political aspirations, but no other religious group orders its followers — as a religious duty — to create a government that follows its own system of law.
The use of warfare combines powerfully with the instruction to create an Islamic state. So Islam spread quickly as their armies got bigger. They conquered and set up Islamic states, most of which have lasted to this day, and as can be seen, the laws within an Islamic state make it very advantageous to convert to Islam.
Islam has a system of law, called Sharia, and all Muslims are obligated to continually work toward making their government — wherever they are — follow it. This is Islam's most brilliant innovation, and also the most terrifying to non-Muslims. No religion ever tried to acquire state power. Islam prescribes it. The whole world is divided into two parts. One is Dar-al-Islam (land of peace) where sharia is established under Muslim rule and the other is Dar-al- harb (land of war) where non-Muslims rule and sharia is not established.
According to this meme, the earth is Allah's. If there are parts of the earth not following Islamic law, it is the duty of the faithful to gain control of that land and establish Sharia. It is a sin to let it be. The poor non-Muslims not living in an Islamic state need to be saved from the sin of following laws other than Allah's. If they won't voluntarily change their laws to Sharia, then it is the duty of Muslim warriors to insist. The world cannot be at peace until every government on earth follows the laws of Allah.
This is one of the most effective methods ever invented for getting a memedom into huge numbers of minds. It's a method of control and indoctrination similar to those used successfully in communist and totalitarian states.
Now to wage war continuously Muslim state needed regular source of soldiers. Islam memedom has provided that by next three memes:-

7.      The seventh meme provides for new soldiers by allowing polygamy. A Muslim man can marry up to four wives, and he can have sex with as many slave girls as he wishes. The Koran especially encourages men to marry widows. This is an important meme to add if you are going to be losing a lot of soldiers in war. You need some way of replenishing your army. You don't want the memedom to die out from a lack of offspring.

8.      Mohammed advised against contraception. He said if God creates a soul then no human can stop its being. So contraception by way of withdrawal which was in practice in Arabia at that time was discouraged. Quran repeatedly exhorts to refrain from any family planning as God does not ask to do. God provides for us and God only provide for the child.

9.       A woman is in a thoroughly subordinate position. This meme converts women into child producing machine. Independent women may want to have control of their womb. This freedom is removed from the root. It also helps support the war meme. If women had too much influence, they'd try to curb the fighting. Women in general don't like to send their husbands and sons off to war. By subordinating women, the memedom prevents their effective vote against war, violence, and conquest and force them to accept the role of soldier producer for the war effort.

A sub-ordinate woman cannot control her reproductive organ. She can be converted into a baby producing machine. This is a vital requirement for propagation of Islam. Womb of every woman must be used. Widows are required to re-marry. All captured women should be used to provide sex. All children produced from a Muslim father would be Muslim.

The rules and laws (memes) within Islam that keep women subordinate are numerous. For example, she is not allowed to leave her house unless she is accompanied by a male relative. Under Islamic law, a woman is forbidden to be a head of state or a judge. She can only inherit half of what a man can inherit. In court, her testimony is only worth half of a man's. She is not allowed to choose where she will live or whom she will marry. She is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim or divorce her husband. Her husband, however, can divorce her with a wave of his hand. And according to Sharia, he can (and should) beat her if she disobeys him. All of these rules keep her subordinate, which helps keep the war machine going unimpeded by domestic conflict.

Wage war a Muslim must. A Muslim man has a chance of getting to heaven if he is a good Muslim, but it is not guaranteed. However, if he dies while fighting for Islam, he is guaranteed to get in, and that's the only thing he can do to guarantee it. This is a great meme for creating fearless, enthusiastic warriors, especially given the vivid description of the sensuous delights of heaven. Islam has produced many fearless soldiers and dominated everywhere they went. There are very effective memes for converting a religion into a military organisation.

10.   You must pray five times a day. This is one of the five "pillars" — that is, one of the five central practices of a Muslim. Within an Islamic state, it is enforced by law. Every Muslim must pray five times a day. The practice helps the memedom dominate a Muslim's life; infusing his daily rhythm with Islam. It would be impossible to forget anything you deliberately do so often. Five times a day, every day, a Muslim must bow down and pray to Allah.

11.   Praying alone is O.K. But Islam recommends prayer in Mosque with other Muslims. The prayer, Namaz involves moving together in time. When Muslims pray, they all face the same direction, they bow down, get on their hands and knees, and put their face on the mat, all in unison, and then rise back up. Again and again. When people move together in time, whether dancing or marching or praying, it creates a physical and emotional bond between them. That's why all military training involves close-order drill (marching in unison), even though it has been a long time since military groups have actually marched into combat. There is no longer a need for the skill, but all military training has retained this method because it is so effective at creating a strong feeling of unity between soldiers. Western army inducted drill for this purpose late in Eighteenth century but Islam introduced Namaz in 7th century.

12.   Muslims eat from same plate. This also creates brotherhood. During war when soldiers and generals eat together from same plate, it creates total motivation and unison.

13.   Muslim must read the Koran in Arabic. This unites believers by language, and language is a very powerful unifying phenomenon. For added incentive to learn Arabic, another meme says you can't go to heaven unless you pray in Arabic. So all Muslims all over the world share a language. This makes it easier to coordinate far-reaching campaigns of protest, political pressure, and war. Mohammad might not have foresaw this possibility, but this meme is brilliant, even if it was an accident.

14.   It is forbidden to kill a Muslim (except for a just cause). It is not forbidden to kill an infidel. This causes a bond between Muslims, fear in non-Muslims, and motivation to become Muslim.
No doubt Islam gave mankind brave soldiers and uncanny generals.  But Islam is not entirely dependent on warfare. Islam has another equally strong weapon.
15.   The Koran counsels use of deceit when dealing with infidels. Mohammad instructed one of his followers to lie if he had to (in order to assassinate one of Mohammad's enemies). The principle was clear: If it helps Islam, it's okay to deceive non-Muslims. Mohammed told one of his confidantes "War is deceit.”

16.   Quran advises individual to act like an infidel when under power of infidel but nurse hatred in heart against him and in opportune time liquidate him. Quran also advises Islamic state to make pact with non-Muslim states when it is weak but repudiate as soon as it can assert itself. This is called “Taqiyya”.

17.   Islam does not believe in magic and sorceries but Muslim preachers faked all kinds of super natural powers to convince illiterate villagers for conversion. History of conversion of Bengal villagers elucidates this. Islam does not believe in peace but Islam means religion of peace.
This principle has served Islamic goals very well throughout history. Deceiving the enemy is always useful in war, and Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world until the whole world follows Sharia law. All non-Muslims states are enemies. So deceiving western countries is acceptable. In fact it is encouraged since deceiving can forward the goals of spread of Islam.
During partition of Bengal numerous such incidences of deceit took place. A Muslim was sheltered by a Hindu family to protect him in a Hindu dominated area. In the night, the grateful Muslim massacred the entire Hindu family and fled. Or a Muslim friend requested Hindu doctor to help him in medical emergency and the doctor never came back. When force did not work, deceit worked. The idea of deceit helped Islam to conquer more land and spread Sharia in vast areas.
But Sharia is not the end product. Non-Muslims in Muslim land must be converted or liquidated. Sharia provides the help.
18.   Non-Muslims must pay a large tax as per sharia. Once Muslims conquer a country and convert the government to Islamic law, any non-Muslims have the choice between becoming Muslim or becoming a dhimmi. Dhimmis are allowed to practice their non-Muslim religion if they pay the jizya (a tax). If they convert to Islam, they no longer have to pay the jizya, so there is a practical incentive to convert.

But another aspect of this makes it a brilliant meme. The tax takes money away from the non-Muslims and their competing memedomes and gives that money to support Islam. This is pure genius! The income from these taxes (usually a 25% income tax) helped fund the Islamic conquests during the first two major jihads. They conquered vast lands, most of them already filled with Christians and Jews, many of whom did not convert at first, and their jizya poured huge sums of money into the Islamic war machine.
Eventually, the numbers of Christians and Jews dwindled down as they converted or escaped, until now, in most Islamic countries, Jews and Christians are very small minorities.

19.   Non-Muslims are not allowed to build any new houses of worship. They're not even allowed to repair already-existing churches or synagogues. This puts the houses of worship of any competing memedom in a state of permanent decline. Brilliant.

20.   Also, non-Islamic prayers cannot be spoken within earshot of a Muslim — again, preventing Muslims from being infected by a competing memedom. No public displays of any symbols of another faith may be shown either.

21.   One more genius meme makes it that much easier for Muslims to dominate non-Muslims within an Islamic state: Non-Muslims are not allowed to own weapons of any kind. To subjugate a people, all dictatorial rulers in the history of the world have done the same thing: Disarm the subjugated people. They are much easier to manage, less dangerous, and less capable of upending the status quo.

22.   Sharia does not give equal right to a non-Muslim witness. In actual term a non-Muslim witness has a value equal to that half of a Muslim witness. What an idea. If a Muslim alleges that his neighbour, non-Muslim has insulted Prophet then neighbour cannot prove his innocence as his witness is only half that of Muslim man. In a Muslim state the neighbour will be executed according to law. Non- Muslim has no chance to get justice in a Muslim controlled land.

All of this prevents the spread of any competing memedom, and makes competing religions die out over time. That's why today there are so many "Muslim countries.” where Muslim population is close to 100%. Almost every other country in the world is made up of many different religions.

Quran has also taken care of future deviants, moderates and doubting public. There are several memes to rein in doubtful believers.

23.   Now, it can be seen that criticizing Islam is a punishable offence. You can see why this one is a good supporting meme for the memedom. It helps curb any memes that would reduce the authority of Islamic memes. This one, like many of the others, is good for the memedom, but bad for people. This one limits freedom of speech.

24.   One can't leave Islam once he is in. This is an interesting meme. It is actually illegal in Islamic states to convert out of Islam. This is a critical part of Sharia law. Someone who has rejected Islam who was once a Muslim is an "apostate." This is a crime and a sin, and the punishment for it is death (and eternal damnation in hell thereafter).
This meme has created a perpetual war among Muslims. If some educated and conscientious Muslim want to ignore or alter the more violent passages of the Koran then they are declared apostates. Since the punishment for apostates is death, moderate Muslims are fighting a losing battle in modernizing Islam. Muslims all over the world are keeping many rebellious, modernizing Muslims from speaking up for fear of death. Every time a group of Muslims decides that maybe Islam should be updated for the 21st century and maybe women should have some rights or maybe the government should be more democratic, the devout Muslims call them apostates and try to kill them.
If you are a Muslim you are forced to be a fundamentalist Muslim.

25.   Another meme in Sharia law says it's against the law for anyone to try to convert a Muslim to another religion. Again, this is a meme to help protect the loyalty of the memedom.

26.    A Muslim is forbidden to make friends with an infidel. A Muslim is allowed to pretend to be a friend, but in his heart he must never actually be a friend to a non-Muslim. This is one of the best protections Islam has against Muslims leaving the faith.
A Muslim is prevented from knowing anything about other religions. This rule effectively insulates a Muslim from knowledge. This meme effectively prevents competition from other memedomes.

27.   The Koran uses the carrot and stick to reinforce behavior. Throughout the book there are vivid descriptions of hell, where sinners and non-Muslims will have to drink boiling, stinking water, will be thrown face down into a raging fire, and will be there for eternity, suffering endless torments in agony.

There are also vivid descriptions of heaven. In heaven you'll wear green silk robes and recline on plush couches. Trees will shade you, fruit will dangle nearby. You'll have tasty food and refreshing drinks served in silver goblets. To have a chance of achieving this, you must be a devout Muslim. To guarantee it, you must die in jihad (for men) or make sure your husband is always happy with you (for women).

Islam completely takes over every aspect of Muslims' lives. Not only they are required to pray five times a day, they have to go through a washing ritual beforehand. Islam dictates the laws, and the laws cover many public and private behaviors. In an Islamic state, it is impossible to be a casual Muslim.
After ensuring allegiance of all Muslims, Islam provides Muslims ideals and cause for futureand happiness.
28.   Islam must be your first allegiance. This is a great meme to add if the goal is world domination. You are a Muslim first, before any allegiance you give to your family, your tribe, or your country.

29.   Islam provides a huge and inspiring goal. Leaders of countries or companies or religions have all discovered that people can be motivated if they are presented with an expansive vision. A goal for future filled with scope of self-development. In the Islamic memedom, the goal calls for a continuous effort to expand the domain of Islamic law until all the world has submitted to Islam. In the process the followers are permitted to keep the loot including women from the infidels. Many religions have the goal of converting everyone, but Islam has a method available nobody else has: To expand by seizing, looting and converting governments to Sharia.

30.   The Koran repeats over seventy times that followers of Islam should use Mohammad as a model and imitate him. So Muslims the world over try to find or create grievances, so they can get a holy war started, so they can fight and die in Allah's cause and help make the world ruled by Allah's laws.

This memedom infected large number of followers who are unable to think and are totally submissive to the ideas propagated by it. They refuse to believe that earth is round and man has conquered moon. Theory of evolution is not taught in any Muslim country. Muslims everywhere strongly believes every word of Quran. Muslim women voluntarily wear Burkha and veil and accept secondary role in family. Men will grow beard and wear short pyjama. All sincerely try to confirm whether the animal is killed in Islamic way (A devout Muslim should cut the throat of the animal in two and half short strokes such that animal dies slowly due to loss of blood.) before partaking meat. All Muslims try to imitate Arabic language, pray in Arabic, greet in Arabic and keep Arabic names even though they may be having a great mother tongue. However these practices do not harm others. These limiting actions only cripple the mind of Muslims and they become members of group of ants or bees or robots.
Problem arises when this memedom claims that Islam is the true religion and only religion. The Islamic robots believe that. Quran permits killing of non-believers if they fail to convert. Quran also permit killing of non-believers if he sincerely do not repent and convert. So the robot can kill or convert entirely on his choice. Every Muslim robot believes in this doctrine. If he is not killing it is because he is restrained by state, society or individual’s power. But make no mistake, most Muslim will kill infidel if had an opportunity.

The worst sufferers of Islamic memedom are the non-Muslims residing in Islamic land. In fact many civilizations had perished. Buddhism and Zoroastrianism vanished from the conquered area. Numerous minor religions also withered. Christianity and Judaism somehow survived but followers became pauper, insignificant and fearful. Extraction of Jiziya made them poor, sharia rules deprived them citizenship rights, arms restriction resulted in insecurity. But still there were no respite. Muslims attacked the hapless minorities in waves after waves, raped their women and enslaved the young. Continuous persecution converted the minorities into destitute slave like population. Situation improved only after European renaissance and emergence of European powers. But even that could not protect Armenian Christians in Turkey where state and Muslim population carried out genocide, killing 2-5 million people in 1911 or massacre of entire indigenous people of Kafiristan in Afghanistan in 1895 or killing of Hindus in Mopala uprising of Kerala or now Christians and Yazidies being killed by ISIS in Iraq. No minority was ever safe in Muslim land. Minorities are persecuted, killed, raped looted till they ceased to exists. Bangladesh is another example. Bangladesh was having 28% Hindu and 2% Buddhists in 1947. Continuous harassment and repeated massacres pushed minority population to shift to India. Hindu population in 2013 was recorded as 9% and other minorities to 1%. Bangladesh Muslims are responsible for slaughter of at least 30 million Hindus in 60 years period. Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of their thousand year old abode, Kashmir and became refugee in their own country which is a non-Muslim country. Muslims are violent, crime prone and vociferous. They are difficult to handle even if they are only 10% of population. Because Muslims stay concentrated and defy state in their pockets. That is what happened in Kashmir. India has only 13% Muslim but a part of Kashmir had 90% Muslim who drove out 10% Pandits without bothering about reaction in the country. India did not protest. Indian Government did not have courage to take action. Indian Government failed to assert its authority. It is not just weakness of Hindus of India. Every people , every community and every nation fails to deal with Muslim community because of their aggression and solidarity.  
Islam is the name of most formidable memedom. It is also the most dangerous. It will use up and consume human lives in the service of its propagation, indifferent to the pain, misery, or death it causes. If Islam can triumph and whole world accepts Sharia then human civilization will end. Islam is so formidable that all will try to overdo others and human life will totally controlled by this memedom. Dictatorship, however powerful lives its life and someday or other it ends. Not so Islam. Once a people are taken over by Islamic memedom, they remain under its influence for good. It has already consumed the minds of one and a half billion people. None of them has the ability to think, oppose or modify. Only one group fights with another group to establish correctness of their variation. The variation may be very minor. Groups will fight over the length of pyjama or history of Islam or may be sighting of moon. This has already started.
Human civilization is actually is the real victim of Islam. Muslims are enslaved by the dilapidated ideas of 7th century. There is no way to escape. If some modern thinking Muslim tries to assert, some or other devout Muslim will oppose them with religious memes to support. Modern Muslim has to accept. Recently a Muslim cleric declared man has never reached moon. All Muslim did accept that position. Muslim mind is actually shackled. That is why 25% population of world contribute a big ZERO in progress of humanity in science, literature and philosophy. Global warming or some meteorite collision will not end human civilization. Human civilization will end when Muslim will become majority in major countries. This is not an impossible thing to happen. Muslims are breeding fast and developed nations have zero population growth. There is slow but continuous inflow of Muslim refugees to developed nations. These people are coming for economical reason, political reason and humanitarian reason. A time will come these people will take over power. One by one world’s nations will accept sharia. Once that happens, it is death of humanity.

Save Humanity
It is in the interest of everybody to stop spread of Islamic memedom. It is equally important to free people affected by Islamic memedom. What a non-Muslim can do?
1.      It is shocking to know how little most Non-Muslims know about Islam. They innocently believe what Muslim preachers let them know. Therefore, each Non-Muslim should be aware of the formidability and menace of Islamic memedom.  When enough Non-Muslims know about it, Islamic tactics like pretext and deceit will be seen through for what they are. He will be also able to spread awareness among Muslim friends. Conviction is a powerful tool. If all non-Muslims are aware about Islamic memedom then their conviction will make some Muslims to think. And if a person starts thinking he is alive.

2.      When people know more about the prophet (whom all Muslims should imitate), Islam memedom and the goals of Islam, our collective actions can effectively thwart grand plan of Islamic memedom. Collective grasp of the real situation will bring more rational changes to laws and policies (such as our current immigration policies) of free countries. Migration of Muslims to free land needs to be curbed. Non-Muslim nations will be able to formulate foreign policy in line with this knowledge and public support.

3.      Muslim appeasing should stop all over. Muslims try to establish Sharia bit by bit. It should be opposed from beginning. No face cover or full body cover for Muslim women or skull cap or short pyjama for men. No halal or special food for Muslim in public gathering. No Muslim special restaurant either. Never mimic Muslim behaviour even to impress them. If these innocuous memes are discouraged, then further vicious memes will lose their grip. But this will only result in containment of Islamic memedom in non-Muslim countries.

4.      It must be remembered that Muslim population beyond 10% is dangerous. If Muslim population is more then all attempts must be made it to bring down to manageable one. Illegal Muslim migrants must be deported to their land of origin. Educated and free minded Muslims must be given opportunity to express and convert to any other religion.  Non practicing Muslim should be encouraged. Devout Muslims must be screened for entry to any public gathering to prevent terrorism. Devout Muslims in powerful position should be monitored for nepotism; as once a Muslim is in power he is likely to promote other Muslims.

5.      Humanitarian aid to Islamic countries in cases of flood, famine and other natural disasters must be conditional. When a country is given debt rescheduling in the face of economic mismanagement, the country is also asked to control their unnecessary expenditure. Similarly all aids should be linked with population control. Ways of family planning must be forced to Islamic population when they need food and food they will require.

6.      Islamic variants should be promoted. Shia and Sunni should continue to fight to establish which variation of Islam is correct. As long as there is an internal dispute, poor non-Muslims are spared. In fact Dawoodi, Bohra, Ahmedia and Bahai sects may be promoted.

7.      Islam should be attacked directly by application of force and indirectly by spreading awareness and education. History is witness that alone force or alone knowledge cannot deal with Islamic memedom. A right blend of force and education can contain Islam and save HUMANITY.



Islam’s adherents believe Islam is the true religion. All other religions are wrong. People of the book, meaning Christians and Jews have deviated from true path of God. They should be brought back to true path but in case they refuse then they may still be allowed (Choice is of perpetrator’s) to practice their faith but must live under subjugation. Others like infidels, idolaters or atheists must repent and convert otherwise must die. Such is the perception of true religion. Apart from the fact that this true religion is actually a concoction of Judaism, Christianity and prevalent Arab traditions in 6th century, prepared by an extremely intelligent person known as Mohammed, the prophet. Naturally Islam has some basic contradictions. These contradictions were never questioned because some of these contradictions were there in Judaism and Christianity also. So they never question. Hindus are introvert. They are simply not interested in Islam. And a Muslim has no right to raise doubt about Quran and the Prophet. So these contradictions perpetuate. It is now presented for interested people.

There is more than one God in Islam.

Islam declares there is only one God. In fact if you go through Quran, you will find Quran spends maximum verses on this theme alone. If you want to convert to Islam then also you have to proclaim there is no God but Allah. But the fact is that there is at least one more God in Islam. A bad God, a bad God with reduced power. Satan is very much present in every concept of Islam. Satan is always trying to divert human mind away from God. So much so that Satan could influence the great Prophet, Mohammed to recite four verses which he later repudiated as satanic verses. Satan is present in the Judaism from “Old Testament” time. It is the same Satan who advised Adam to eat fruit of knowledge. The original sin was that of gaining consciousness of self which infuriated God and resulted in banishment of Adam and Eve to Earth to start human civilization. It is a matter of perception, who is bad, Allah or Satan? It may also be perceived that Satan helped mankind to become conscious and civilized. Then why Satan is bad and why God is good? At least Satan can be considered another God, even if bad. Islam presents more than just one extra God, Satan. Quran talks of large number of messengers and Houries. Gabriel is one of the messengers. Though messengers are not supposed to have free will but they are definitely creatures of Heaven. Similarly the Houries are present in Heaven to give sexual pleasure to dead Muslim men (Alas, there is no similar arrangement for pious Muslim women.) These innumerable Messengers and Houries are Heavenly creatures and can be considered semi-God. Where is monotheism? In fact Islam has more Gods than all Gods of all religions combined. Islamic heaven is overcrowded. Possibly hell will be a better place to live.

Kaba stone is worshipped

Islam preaches that God is invisible and has no form. Yet Muslims in annual rite, go and pray to a black stone in Kaba. This black stone was worshiped by Arabs before advent of Islam and Mohammed.  Mohammed allowed continuation of worshiping of black stone to accommodate Arab sentiments. But he destroyed all surrounding temples containing idols of innumerable Arab Gods. But if you allow one and preach total and absolute ban on creation of any likeness of any living being either by painting or sculpting then it is hypocrisy. Muslims destroyed all arts work of all pre-Muslim civilisations in the land they controlled. Few years back, Taliban destroyed Bamihan Buddhas in Afghanistan. This contradicts with practice of worshiping black stone in Kaba.

If Allah is perfect then why do Circumcision?

Islam declares God is perfect. What God creates is perfection itself. At the same time Muslim corrects God and calls them Musolmani. Every Muslim male child goes through circumcision. Now if God has given that foreskin on male organ then it must be for some reason. Circumcision was practiced by Middle East population since long and Islam adopted it. Muslims of some Arab and North African countries also practice female circumcision which actually means cutting of clitoris. This is an inhuman practice. Luckily all Muslims do not do this. But male circumcision is a must for a Muslim. This is a big contradiction. On one hand you say that God is perfect but on the other hand you correct God’s mistake.

Equality of human, hah?

Islam believes in equality in all men. Or shall we say equality in all Muslims. Even that is not practiced or even prophesied. Men and women are different. Blood money for a man is twice as much than of a woman. In death man has a higher value. Witness value of a man is twice that of a woman. A woman gets only half inheritance than that of man in equal position.  Then there is class system. A Syed is always at higher ground because he is a descendant of Mohammed.  In India Ashrafs are considered superior because of their foreign (Arab-Turk-Afgan) origin. Ajlaf are of Indian descent. They are inferior. Arjal is dalit equivalent in Islam. No Ashraf will have alliance with Ajlaf or Arjal. Ajlafs also despise Arjal. Of course Non-Muslims falls under sub-human category. Muslims as such do not have caste system. They practice slavery. Lowest of the low caste person is better treated in Hindu society than a slave in Islam. Where is equality?
Barani, a Muslim theologian was known for his intensely casteist  views. He regarded the Ashraf Muslims as racially superior to the Ajlaf Muslims. He divided the Muslims into grades and sub-grades. In his scheme, all high positions and privileges were to be a monopoly of the high born Turks, not the Indian Muslims. Even in his interpretation of the Quranic verse "Indeed, the pious amongst you are most honoured by Allah", he considered piety to be associated with noble birth. Barani was specific in his recommendation that the "sons of Mohammed" [i.e. Ashrafs] "be given a higher social status than the low-born (i.e. Ajlaf). In addition to the Ashraf/Ajlaf divide, there is also the Arzal caste among Muslims, who were known by their menial activities as the equivalent of untouchables. The term "Arzal" stands for "degraded" and the Arzal Muslims are those with whom no other Muslim would associate, and who are forbidden to enter the mosque or to use the public burial ground”.

Why slavery is permitted?

Islam has double-speaking role about slavery. Mohammed lists one of the reasons for collection of Zakat is for paying and freeing slaves. But at the same time Mohammed himself took slaves from defeated people. He himself converted freemen into slaves. Then he devised Quranic verses allowing Muslim to usurp land and other property of defeated community and take their women and children as slaves. Mohammed practiced enslavement, especially for sex and for money. Muslims under his command would sell off women and children taken captive in an engagement. They were also taking ransom for returning captured women and children in case their husband or father could escape and arrange money. That is why all terrorist groups of today, indulge in ransom taking activities. Islam does talk of eradication of slavery but also encourages acquiring slaves from non-believers and tells them that it is their right. History of slave trade is also history of Muslim conquests since advent of Islam. Only later colonialists picked up from Muslims and practiced in large scale in new world. Still there was a difference. Colonialists utilized slaves for farming and not for sex. A lot was written, spoken and documented about the pitiable condition of the slaves. Finally, humanity prevailed and American people themselves rose against slavery which never had any religious sanction anyway. There was and is no such feeling in Islamic world. Slavery was eradicated in civilised world two centuries ago but it is still practiced in Islamic world due to sanction availability for it in Quran.

Islam has closed door on free thinking.

Mohammed said “Go and seek knowledge.” But Islam is against any kind of knowledge which is not in conformity with Quran. Islam cannot accept evolution theory. The gospel of Adam and Eve is the final story. Islam cannot accept theory of big bang. How earth and other planets were created. It cannot match with God’s creation of Earth and Heaven. Science does not need religion. Science is absolute truth. Mohammed prescribed that casting any doubt in Quranic verses will be treated as apostasy which is punishable by death. Muslims destroyed knowledge by destroying temples, places of learning and people of learning and replaced them with Quran and Quran and Quran. That is why even though Muslims comprise about 20% of world’s population but their contribution in science and art is a big zero. If there is any stray Muslim man of learning, he has to live dual life. A life of religion separated from a life of knowledge. It is a contradiction difficult to digest.

Religion of peace? Is it a joke?

Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace. This is a very big contradiction between saying and doing. The history of Islam is written with blood. In twentieth century itself they massacred 2 million Armenian Christians in a bid to change demography of old Anatolia. Actually Hitler merely copied this but implemented more efficiently by vanquishing 6 million Jews in 2nd world war. The same pattern was repeated in Bangladesh. About 3 million Bengali Hindus were killed in a sixty year period in Bangladesh. Bengali Hindus suffered silently and the crime got washed away by the mighty rivers of Bengal as well as Hindu practice of burning their dead. The Rohingya Muslims tried to annihilate Buddhists in their land of Rahine county in Myanmar to establish a Muslim country. Rohingyas used the weapons given to them by retreating British army for defending themselves against Japanese army. Instead they attacked Buddhists. However Buddhists defended themselves against Muslim onslaught and reciprocated. Now Rohigyas are considered world’s most oppressed people. Even if they are oppressed, they are oppressed because of their violent nature which stems from their religion, Islam. These are not only cases of violence by Muslim in recent times. Actually nobody is safe from Muslims including Muslims. Every day scores of people are getting killed in Muslim countries including Arab states, North African countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Violence committed by Muslims in the past cannot be described in a short space. Suffice it to say that there was no secular Muslim ruler in the history of Muslim rule in India. Each of them unleashed terror on Non-Muslim population whenever opportunity arose. Only exception might be Shahenshah Akbar. But Akbar also ordered killing of 30,000 Hindu peasants after conquering Mewar. Still India is Hindu speaks volumes of flexibility and courage of our ancestors. They survived six centuries till Europeans came. North Africa, Persia, Egypt and so many countries could not withstand Muslim aggression. The original inhabitants of these countries vanished against liquidation. Most of these places are now inhabited by Arabs or mixed descendant of Arabs. Just one hundred and twenty years back (1895) all inhabitants of Kafiristan in Afghanistan was massacred and the place was renamed as Gulistan. The people of Kafiristan followed ancient Vedic religion of idol worshiping. Nobody remembers them now because they do not exist.
Islam is not a peaceful religion.
Islam is a concocted religion where there are many contradictions. Unfortunately these contradictions cannot be annulled as Quran cannot be modified. Therefore Islam is doomed to remain a 6th century religion with contradictions. Its adherents will fall behind and the doctrine itself will die naturally with spread of education and awareness.


Monday, June 5, 2017


Jihad is a duty for a faithful Muslim. It means war against untruth. The problem is with the definition of untruth. For a Muslim Islam is true path to worship God. All other religions are categorized between religions deviated from true path, of idol worshipers, of devil’s worshipers and atheists. Quran repeatedly declares that all people who did not follow true path will be punished by God in hell and it is pious duty of every Muslim to bring people to true path i.e. Islam to save them from hellish afterlife. But Quran suggests force rather than convincing to bring people to Islam. And not satisfied with God’s prerogative of giving punishment in afterlife, Muslims are advised to meet out punishment to unbelievers in this world itself. Quran advises true Muslims to catch and kill infidels and establish a kingdom of faithfuls. This is Jihad. Jihad should be continued till whole earth is under control of Muslims and all human beings are converted to Islam. History is proof that Muslim followed Quran and carried out Jihad against unsuspecting, friendly and peaceful communities. Jihad was stopped only when another religious group or otherwise mustered strength and oppose Islamic army by application of force.
In today’s world, war is not acceptable. Muslims cannot carry out Jihad in a Non-Muslim country. They can do it in a country where they are in majority and control political power. Everybody knows how a non-Muslim treated in a Muslim country. Blasphemy law and right to carry out Jihad make life of a non-Muslim in Muslim country worse than a slave. Even Muslims are not spared. Purification of faith by killing those who indicates any show of moderation is every day incidence. Jihad is a continuous process in a Muslim country even after achieving 100% Muslim population. This Jihad is a violent Jihad and results in slow annihilation of differing faiths and finally moderate opinions or lifestyle. But in a non-Muslim country Jihad takes a different shape. There stress is given to capturing power. Power can be grabbed by majority vote in a democracy. So Muslims in a non-Muslim country adopts breeding as a method of Jihad. India is subjected to population Jihad.
In the first ever census in India, Muslim population was found to be about 18%, largely concentrated in the North-West of India and present day Bangladesh. Muslim population steadily grew in British period. In 1941, undivided India had 25% Muslim population. This increase is totally due to population growth by breeding. There was practically no conversion during British period. Muslims of India wanted separate homeland and secured Pakistan. But after partition a large proportion of Muslims stayed back in India. In the first census of independent India in 1951 Muslims were only 8% of total population. Even though Pakistan and Bangladesh treated their Hindu minority very badly and slowly drove them away, Muslims in India were never treated as aliens. Muslims are not only safe but privileged citizen in India. The result can be seen from increasing population of Muslims. Muslim population has ever since growing in alarming rate. In 2011, Muslim population in India was 13 %. A 60% increase over a base of 8% in 60 years.
Now Muslim population of undivided India that is of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined is considered. It is a staggering 35% in 2011 A.D. from 18% in 1901. Muslims could have become majority in undivided India by twenty-second century. Partition has actually saved us from becoming minority and then slow annihilation. But partition has only delayed not eliminated that possibility. Growth of Muslim population if remained unchecked will overtake Hindu and other population by a couple of centuries i.e. by twenty-third century. At present, we are safe but our children are not. It is our duty to make India safe for Indians for at least a millennium. India should remain secular and home for all including Hindus. India will remain secular and peaceful only if Muslim population is kept under check. It should never cross 10% of population.

 Proportion of Religious Communities to Total Population of India*, 1961-2001 (Table – 1)
Year       Hindus   Muslims               Christians            Sikhs      Buddhists             Jains      Others
1961      84.4       9.9                         2.4                       1.8           0.7                      0.5            0.3
1971      83.5       10.4                       2.6                       1.9           0.7                      0.5             0.3
1981      83.1       10.9                       2.5                       2.0           0.7                      0.5             0.4
1991      82.4       11.7                       2.3                       2.0           0.8                      0.4             0.4
2001      81.4       12.4                       2.3                       1.9           0.8                      0.4             0.7
2011      80.9       13.0                       2.3                        1.9         0.8                        0.4             0.8
Note: * Excludes Jammu and Kashmir and Assam for all decades from 1961 to 2001.
Source:: Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India (2004): Census of India 2001,

The reasons of growing Muslim population are actually two :-
•             Rejection of family-planning measures by the Muslims;
•             Uncontrolled influx of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators through the porous Indo-Bangladesh border; and,
Illegal Bangladeshi intruders are not affecting West Bengal alone, but are also fast altering the demography of the neighbouring states of Bihar and Assam. According to an estimate nearly 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims have entered West Bengal, Bihar and Assam. As a result, three bordering districts of Bihar, namely Kishanganj, Araria and Katihar, and seven districts of Assam, namely Dhubri, Goalpara, Barpeta, Naogaon, Morigaon, Hailakandi and Karimganj, and several  districts of West Bengal have turned into Muslim-majority districts. If these Bangladeshi Muslims can be sent back to Bangladesh, then Muslim population may come back to a manageable 10% level.

Population Jihad has reached a decisive stage in West Bengal. It is a result of a blunder committed in 1947. Total population transfer had taken place in West Pakistan. Almost 10 million Hindus and Sikhs fled to India and about same number of Muslims took refuge in Pakistan. But in Bangladesh, which was then East Pakistan population transfer did not take place. Only about 5 million Hindus shifted in 1947 while only about a million Muslims went to East Pakistan. This left behind a large Hindu population in East Pakistan and vice versa. In 1951, East Pakistan had 25% Hindu population while West Bengal had 19% Muslim population. It was an incomplete job.

A minority in a Muslim country has no rights over his life, property and dignity.  East Pakistan once again proved that.  Repeated state sponsored riots and massacres slowly drove Hindus away from their ancestral home. Over last sixty years 3 million Hindus were murdered in present day Bangladesh and unknown number of women were raped or abducted and forced converted. These  violent persecutions drove away  30 million Hindu and Buddhists. Most took shelter in West Bengal. But no harm came to the lives of Muslims in West Bengal. In fact Muslim population started growing in West Bengal.
It is a paradox of a situation. In Bangladesh Hindu population dropped from 30% to 25% in 1951, then to 20% in 1961 and finally to 9% in 2011. But Hindu population was also dropping in West Bengal despite influx of large number of Hindu persecuted refugees. Hindu population declined in West Bengal from 80% to 70 % in sixty years. It is beyond any logic but if you look around reason will show by itself. The reason is combined effect of population explosion in Bangladesh and subsequent Illegal migration of Muslim population from Bangladesh for better economic life in India. But why?
Hindus were more prosperous in present day Bangladesh. In fact they owned lion’s share of land and other property including industry in Bangladesh. Hindus were also leader of the Bengali society economically, culturally and politically. Subsequent to partition, Bengali Muslim suddenly became rich by looting land and property of Hindus but had no direction. West Pakistani Muslims filled the void but could not direct Bangladesh to prosperity. The only easy thing uneducated devout Bengali Muslim with surplus land could do was breeding. This led to a population explosion in Bangladesh. Excessive population growth ate away all the advantages of ill-gotten riches. Bangladeshi Muslims became poor again. Bangladesh acquired the dubious name of “International bread basket”. Thereafter the surplus population started migrating to India.
Apart from infiltration, Muslim population of West Bengal is also rising because of higher rate of breeding by Muslims in West Bengal also. This is evident from 2001 census where percentage of total population as well as percentage of 0-6 year old children is given. There is a clear cut 3-4% jump in children age group. Another twenty years these children will replace elderlies. This indicates Muslim population is growing by about 4 % every 20 years.  This is elaborated in case of West Bengal districts. But it is true for all India. 
District-wise Hindu and Muslim Population in West Bengal  (Table – 2)                                                           
District               Religion         Percentage of Population               Percentage of Population of Children
                                                                                                               (0-6 yr old)
Darjeeling            Hindu        76.92                                                       76.19
                             Muslim     05.31                                                       08.26
Jalpaiguri             Hindu          83.30                                                       80.45
                              Muslim     10.85                                                       13.81
Coochbihar         Hindu         75.50                                                       69.82
                              Muslim     24.24                                                        29.98
North Dinajpur   Hindu         55.93                                                         51.72
                              Muslim     43.19                                                        47.36

South Dinajpur   Hindu         74.01                                                                 69.40
                               Muslim     24.02                                                                 28.35

Maldah              Hindu         49.28                                                                   43.01
                             Muslim     49.72                                                                  56.08

Murshidabad      Hindu        35.92                                                                    29.35
                              Muslim    63.67                                                                    70.27

Birbhum               Hindu        64.49                                                                     58.42
                              Muslim   35.08                                                                     41.15

Bardhaman         Hindu        78.89                                                                     75.03
                              Muslim   19.78                                                                        23.62
Nadia                    Hindu      73.75                                                                       66.71
                               Muslim   25.41                                                                      32.55

North 24 Parganas      Hindu          75.23                                                           65.52
                                        Muslim     24.22                                                           34.01

South 24 Parganas            Hindu     65.86                                                          55.41
                                            Muslim   33.24                                                         43.85

Hooghly                  Hindu         83.63                                                                    78.94
                                 Muslim     15.14                                                                    19.53

Bankura                   Hindu        84.35                                                                         81.83
                                  Muslim     07.51                                                                         10.09

Purulia                    Hindu       83.42                                                                            81.62
                                 Muslim    07.12                                                                           09.26
Medinipur                Hindu      85.58                                                                            81.36
                                  Muslim   11.33                                                                            15.36
Howrah                    Hindu      74.98                                                                            64.81
                                  Muslim    24.44                                                                           34.68
Kolkata                    Hindu       77.68                                                                           70.24
                                   Muslim    20.27                                                                           27.81
West Bengal            Hindu       72.47                                                                           64.61
                                   Muslim    25.25                                                                           33.17
(Source: Census Report, 2001)

Higher breeding and infiltration together will make West Bengal a Muslim majority state sooner than later. It is needless to say that, as soon as the Muslim population would rise to 40% or so by 2050 or sooner, it would be difficult for the Hindus to live in peace in the state. In the districts of West Bengal, bordering Islamic Bangladesh, where Muslims have gained majority, violence against Hindus have already begun. It is becoming, day by day, difficult for the Hindus to live peacefully in those areas. Their life and property are becoming unsafe. Forceful eviction of the Hindus, looting their properties, raping and molestation of their women folk are becoming a daily occurrences.
Such incidents are not confined to the border districts alone, but also in isolated pockets of other districts, where Muslims may have gained majority. In the districts of North and South 24 Parganas, there are many such pockets where the Muslims have unleashed their jihadi activities against the Hindus.  Soon Muslims will claim another partition of Bengal, demanding the land on the eastern side of River Hooghly as an Islamic state or a part of greater Bangladesh. In such a situation, there will remain two options before the Hindus of Bengal: either to accept Islam or to become refugee again and flee their homes to other parts of India to save their lives, dignity and religious faith.
 It should be pointed out here that the swelling of Muslim population is not confined to West Bengal and Assam alone, but is an all-India affair. Table 3 shows how the Hindu populations are declining and Muslim populations rising throughout India. If continue unchecked, entire India may turn into a Muslim-dominant country in 5 to 6 decades. So, what the 800-year Muslim rule could not achieve with the help of sword would be achieved simply through unrestrained breeding, i.e. using the wombs of Muslim women as the weapon. Table 4 presents the state-wise Muslim populations of India. Table 5, below, shows the state-wise increase of Muslim and Hindu populations during the decade 1991-2001.

Religious Composition of India’s Population, 1991–2001, (Table 3)                                     
Year       Hindu                    Muslim       Christian
1901      86.64                     12.21            1.15
1941      84.44                     13.38            2.18
1951      87.24                    10.43            2.33
1991      85.01                      12.59           2.32
2001      81.40                      13.00            2.42

Muslim population in Indian states (Table 4).                                                                                            
State                                       Population                                    Percentage
Lakshadweep                                57,903                                        95.47
Jammu & Kashmir                     6,793,240                                       66.97
Assam                                        8,240,611                                       30.92
West Bengal                            20,240,543                                      25.25
Kerala                                          7,863,842                                      24.70
Uttar Pradesh                          30,740,158                                      18.49
Bihar                                          13,722,048                                       16.53
Jharkhand                                    3,731,308                                      13.85
Karnataka                                                   6,463,127                                       12.23
Uttaranchal                                                1,012,141                                      11.92
Delhi                                                             1,623,520                        11.72
Maharastra                                                10,270,485                        10.60
Andhra Pradesh                                           6,986,856                                    09.17
Gujarat                                                         4,592,854                          09.06
Manipur                                                           190,939                                      08.81
Rajasthan                                                     4,788,227                          08.47
Andaman & Nicobar Islands                          29,265                                          08.22
Tripura                                                            254,442                            07.95
Daman & Diu                                                     12,281                          07.76
Goa                                                                     92,210                            06.84
Madhya Pradesh                                          3,841,449                                         06.37
Pondicherry                                                       59.358                            06.09
Haryana                                                         1,222,916                                          05.78
Tamil Nadu                                                   3,470,647                                          05.56
Meghalaya                                                         99,169                             04.28
Chandigarh                                                         35,548                              03.95
Dadra & Nagar Haveli                                         6,524                                           02.96
Orissa                                                                761,985                              02.07
Chhattisgarh                                                         409,615                                        01.97
Himachal Pradesh                                                 119,512                                       01.97
Arunachal Pradesh                                                20,675                                        01.88
Nagaland                                                                 35,005                                        01.76
Punjab                                                                   382,045                                        01.57
Sikkim                                                                          7,693                                        01.42
               (Source: Census Report, 2001)
Increase of Hindu and Muslim Population, 1991 to 2001 (Table 5)
State                                      Hindu (%)                   Muslim (%)
West Bengal                             14.2                                25.9
Assam                                       14.9                  29.3
Bihar (including Jhharkhand)         23.4                       36.5
Delhi                                           44.1                                82.5
Haryana                                     27.0                                60.1
Punjab                                        28.7                                59.6
Rajasthan                                   27.8                               35.8
Himachal Pradesh                      17.0                              32.9
Jammu & Kashmir                      24.7                              29.5
Uttar Pradesh (including Uttarakhand)      24.2       31.7
Madhya Pradesh                             21.7                         29.5
Gujarat                                             22.1                          27.3
Maharastra                                     21.6                          34.6
Orissa                                               15.9                          31.9
Karnataka                                         15.3                         23.5
Andhra Pradesh                               14.4                         17.9
Tamilnadu                                        11.0                         13.7
Kerala                                                07.3                         15.8
India                                                  19.3                         29.5
(Source: Economic & Political Weekly, September 25. 2004)

India had always sheltered distressed people of the world. Persecuted Jews & Parsees received refuge here. Christianity was first propagated in India by Saint Thomas within few years of Jesus’ Crucification. Early Christians stayed with local Hindu population for two thousand years without conflict. Hundreds of new religions and sects have evolved in this land. Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are major religions but there are many other religions which sustain their existence from this pious land. In India all people have lived peacefully irrespective of their religious belief from time immemorial. This peace was devastated by Islam which does not believe in co-existence. Islam only pushes its frontiers continuously by all possible methods and stops at destruction of all dissents. It is a religion of Satan, if there is one. For the survival of humanity, for the survival of free thinking and for the survival of democracy Muslim population must be contained. It is for the benefit of humanity as well as for the Muslims themselves as Muslims suffer the most in a Muslim country. This is being played out in the open in so many Muslim countries. We need to take lesson.